Auction for first Dodge Viper SRT

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In California at auction Barrett-Jackson the first serial car of coupe SRT Viper — the successor of Dodge Viper was sold by auction.

For the right to become the owner of two-door model SRT Viper to the collector, whose name is not specified, it was necessary to lay out $300 000. Organizers of auction Barrett-Jackson obtained from sale of the car of means transferred into account fund Austin Hatcher which helps children.

SRT Viper debuted in April on the international showroom in New York. The model with carbon a body is set in motion by the aluminum 8.4-litre petrol motor developing 640 h.p. and 814 Nanometers of a twisting moment. Pull-rod goes on rear wheels through a six-step mechanical gear box. Dynamic characteristics of the new Viper and data on average fuel consumption by a manufacturer are not specified till now.

Maserati GranTurismo S MC Sport Line

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Company Maserati letting out at all the cheapest model has presented special version GranTurismo to Abu-Dhabi under name S MC Sport Line for the local motorists preferring expensive and magnificent cars.

In total in sale 12 cars Maserati GranTurismo S MC Sport Line will arrive, each of which is intended only for rich clients of the Near East. Number 12 is symbolical and reminds of quantity of the won titles in championship FIA GT International Championships where takes part super car Maserati MC12. The Same number corresponds to quantity of cities in which it is possible to buy Maserati GranTurismo S MC Sport Line. Each car will equip with the special tablet with the city name where the Italian model will go. In the official press release of the company also it is informed that Maserati will let out 11 copies of a unique series for inhabitants of Italy. From factory version GranTurismo S MC Sport Line distinguish special white color of a body, an aerodynamic weather-cloth, toned back glasses, black branch pipes of an exhaust system, wheels of dark tone, the handle of doors and the mirrors executed from carbon.

The model has received the modernised suspension bracket, powerful brakes, more rigid stabilizer of cross-section stability and modified system of course stability. Representatives of the company have not specified, whether the car engine has undergone to operational development. Most likely, the car is equipped by standard 4,7-liter motor V8 capacity of 440 h.p.

Most Expensive Cars List From Forbes

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Magazine Forbes known for the various ratings, covering, apparently, all spheres of business or a public life, has paid attention to super elite of world automotive industry, naming “hot to ten” the most expensive models which if will be accessible next year. Those models have got to a rating only, whose cost exceeds 100 000 dollars which have been let out by a known world brand, and the quantity of cars of the given model let out in year should not exceed 50 cars. Sport penalties are excluded from a rating such marks, as Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Bugatti that they associate first of all with races.

On the tenth place has settled down Jaguar XJL Supersport in cost of 115 000 dollars. “British” is equipped by 500-strong motor V8 with which dispersal to 100 km/h is possible for 4,7 seconds.

On the ninth place – Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S. This Italian of superpenalties has received under a cowl “eight” power of 440 h.p. To “hundred” is dispersed for 5,1 seconds. The car possesses unique system of distribution of weight, for what the small bias to a rear answers. Its cost of 125 000 dollars.

On the eighth place – German Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet, on sale at the price of 145 000 dollars. Its engine develops 500 h.p., to 100 km/h it is dispersed for 3,5 seconds. Thus, under the statement of Germans, at the car low enough fuel consumption, informs Newsru.

Further follows Mercedes-Benz CL 65 AMG, the assembled manually and standing 210 000 dollars assembled manually. Tuners from studio AMG have installed on it motor V12 power of 604 h.p. Dispersal to 100 km/h – 4,2 seconds.

Behind it in rating Forbes goes representation Rolls-Royce Ghost MSRP. It is equipped by engine V12 with power of 563 h.p., and dispersal to 100 km/h at it occupies almost 5 seconds. The car interior is finished by a skin and expensive tree. Sitting are equipped by massage function, there is a refrigerator with the internal illumination, the built in glasses for champagne and a folding little table. The car is made to order and there are 245 000 dollars.

The five of the most expensive models 2010 is opened by the most powerful and fast of all cars of English mark Bentley – Continental Supersports in cost of 275 000 dollars. Under its cowl there is an engine with 12 cylinders power of 621 h.p. To “hundred” it is dispersed for 3,7 seconds. The motor can work both on gasoline, and on bioethanol E85.

The fourth place gets to flagman sedan Bentley Mulsanne. As recently it was informed, the car prepares on 50 % manually, on manufacturing of one model 2 months leave. It is equipped by 6,75-litre motor V8 power of 505 h.p. and 8-speed “automatic machine”.

This limousine – an exception in a rating as the price for it is not declared yet, the car will appear only by 2012, and its premiere will take place in January of the next year within the limits of the Detroit motor show.

Rating “bronze” receives Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. Its price has passed for a mark in 300 000 dollars and has made $310 thousand Engine V12, 620 h.p. Are dispersed to 100 km/h it for 3,7 seconds.

The second line occupies Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. Under its cowl there is a 12-cylinder engine power of 453 h.p. with which 100 km/h can be reached for 5,7 seconds. Cost of this car – 445 000 dollars.

The leader of a rating becomes Maybach 62S MSRP for which it is necessary to lay out 450 000 dollars. Power of its motor – 604 h.p., to “hundred” it is dispersed for 5,2 seconds. The interior is equipped by inclined rear armchairs with supports for feet, a sliding little table, DVD and other similar equipment.

Wiesmann Roadster MF5

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The Frankfurt motor show has assembled the whole galaxy unique sport cars against which, thanks to the characteristics and design, the special place was occupied with a roadster of car manufacture of company Wiesmann.

Company Wiesmann has presented Roadster MF5 – rear-drive the car with design in style of a retro. The car will be let out by the limited edition and only 55 cars will be made.

Each car, body and which roof will paint in various colours, will equip with the engine similar to volume that is installed on model BMW M6. Under a cowl of the open car “ten” in volume of 5 l which develops 507 h.p. and 520 Nanometers of a twisting moment will settle down V-shaped. Powers of the motor suffice to disperse a roadster to first “hundred” for 3,9 sec, and the maximum speed of the car reaches 309 km/hour.

And now about cost of this hot car. The car price makes €189,500, and such sum, considering a situation with proceeding financial crisis, the real judges of automobile art can pay only.

Hot Audi RS6

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Audi at last has officially opened the information on the most powerful car, Audi RS6. It will be equipped 10 cylinder coupled turbo engine by power of 580 horsepowers and a twisting moment 650 nM, that will allow it to rise in one number with the most powerful superpenalties. As RS6 it will be equipped four-wheel quattro by a drive gear and will possess a sports mode with the course control. However if to lower technical details it is possible to tell, that Audi has created the car which will be convenient even on long trips.

10 cylinder motor RS 6 is developed on the basis of V10, used on Audi S6 and Audi S8. However thanks to the coupled turbo power of the car has increased by 20 %, however despite these innovations, it is difficult to name car weight excessive, only 2025 kg. Speed of dispersal to 100 km/h of only 4.6 seconds, and for 14.9 seconds it doubles this figure. The car as is equipped by 6 step gear box tiptronic which delivers 40 % of power from front wheels and 60 % from the rear.

In standard complete set Audi RS6 it will be sold with 19 inch wheels, however it will be possible to replace them with 20 inch.

Maserati GranTurismo S Automatic in Geneva Auto Show

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Maserati tries to present new things on each international motor show at least one novelty. The Italian concern will not refuse the tradition and in March when in Geneva – the next autoexhibition will open.

For Geneva-2009 concern Maserati has prepared model GranTurismo S Automatic. That the new has appeared in the car, it is clear from the coupe name. Now Maserati GranTurismo S it will be possible to order with automatic six-high-speed transmission ZF. The new box begins to work together with 4.7 l engine V8 power of 440 h.p. at 7000 rpm. As much as possible twisting moment of the motor makes 490 Nanometers. On how dynamic indicators of a coupe with “automatic machine” will change it is not informed, but motorists learn about it very soon.

It is known, that the car has received new design, light-alloy 20-inch disks and lateral “skirts”. As well as mechanical version Maserati GranTurismo S, a novelty has firm multimedia system Maserati.

Alfa Romeo Milano Will Replace 147 Model

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And winter tests in northern Europe well camouflaged car which protective cover all the same has allowed to consider a new cross-section of the car, and also partially and an interior interior has been noticed.

To originally new model it was planned to assign number 149, however it will receive name Milano. At present about a novelty it is known a little, but we can assume, that the car is designed on the same platform, that Fiat Bravo and Lancia Delta. It means, that the rough sizes of the car will make 434 sm at length from which about 260 sm it will be taken away to a wheelbase.

In standard complete set Milano will equip with a forward control, but also release of version and with an all wheel drive further is provided.

The ruler of motors will reflect variety of the variants established on corporate “fellow tribesmen”. Predictably, on a choice to buyers will offer petrol motors of 1.4 l T-jet power in 120 both 150 h.p. and diesel engines 1.6 Multijet (105 and 120 h.p.) and 1.9 Multijet (120 and 150 h.p.). Grocery ruler Alfa Romeo, of course, cannot exist without the GTA-version – it will appear in some months after standard variant Milano will go on sale, and will have under a cowl, at least, 265 h.p.

Debut Milano is supposed to be spent in September of this year on autoshow in Frankfurt. The European sales will begin in the end of 2009 – the beginning of 2010. While there is no official information on, whether the car on the North American market will arrive, but considering the close industrial communications which have developed recently between Chrysler and Fiat, it seems rather probable.

More economy on new Toyota Prius

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It is difficult to believe, but first hybrid copy Toyota Prius debuted in the world market in 1997. After twelve years the Japanese concern has presented on a motor show in Detroit the third generation of hybrid model Toyota Prius.

Though hatchback Toyota Prius has kept the recognised design and is still completed with batteries NiMH, Toyota it was possible to create almost absolutely new model. Third generation Toyota Prius differs the special profitability, reached thanking better hybrid system on 90 %. On the average on 100 kms the car uses 4,7 l of fuel. The car is more economic than first model Prius on 25 %. This indicator managed to achieve all for 12 years.

The following generation of a hybrid hatchback is completed 1.8 l with the petrol motor power of 98 h.p. Present version Prius has under a cowl the 70-strong engine in volume of 1.5 l. Dispersal to first “hundred” at the car occupies hardly more than 10 sec, that for a hybrid result quite worthy. Dynamics of the car managed to be improved at the expense of installation of more powerful engine and modernised hybrid system Hybrid Synergy Drive, it is spoken in the official press release.

The novelty allows to use three modes of driving: EV, Eco and Power. The first mode is provided for driving on low speeds only on energy of batteries. Eco provides the best fuel consumption, and mode Power will approach fans to arrange sometimes races from a traffic light to a traffic light.

As an option on Toyota Prius it is possible to establish light-emitting diode headlights which consume less electric power, than standard optics. The transparent roof with additional solar batteries which will ensure functioning of ventilation is at additional expense accessible also.

Third generation Toyota Prius will go on sale in the spring of this year in Japan and the USA. Hardly later the model will disperse on the markets of other countries of the world.

Its True! BMW CS Exists

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The present furore has made BMW on a motor show in Shanghai last year, having presented new concept sedan BMW CS. Right after a debut the management of the Bavarian concern declared, that the model will go to a batch production, but later the motor-car manufacturer has refused the initial plans.

Nevertheless, as journalists believe, that BMW CS will not arrive in a batch production, it is possible to consider the message as misinformation. In acknowledgement of the words edition Auto Express has presented the espionage pictures of the car made in Munich. If to look at photos of BMW CS and a test copy the conclusion arises, that the Bavarian concern nevertheless has decided to mass-produce model CS.

Magnificent four-door coupe CS is longer, more low and more widely sedan BMW of 7th series on which base the novelty is constructed. A ruler of engines CS will borrow at “seven”, but in it there will be also more powerful motors. Main competitors BMW CS become Mercedes CLS, Aston Martin Rapide and Porsche Panamera.

Jaguar XF-R on target

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Under objectives of chambers of the paparazzi the graceful “body” Jaguar XF-R which debut display is planned January, 2009 within the limits of North American the motor-show again has got. This time pictures have been made on the test of the car in California.

As it was more than once mentioned, the “cat’s” novelty will be equipped 500 HP 5.0 l tuned up by “cursor” V8 which as mark, experts becomes the new “family” power unit for models Jaguar.

The powerful engine will be capable to disperse the car to 100 km/hour less than for 5 seconds at the maximum speed in 250 km/hour. As well as in the previous pictures, differences between models XF and XF-R with open years are visible. It and larger on the size air intakes on a front bumper, and the same air intakes on a cowl, as well as at model XKR.

In sale XF-R will presumably arrive in 2010 and becomes one of the main things competitor BMW M5.

New ActiveHybrid BMW 7 series presented in Paris

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On the Parisian motor show to attention of public has been presented new hybrid concept BMW on the basis of 7th series.

Feature ActiveHybrid Concept consists that at it in transmission knot the small electromotor by power of 20 h.p. (210 Nanometers) which replaces the generator and a starter is integrated. Electric energy developed by it remains in the litievo-ion battery located in a luggage compartment.

In such “soft” hybrid variant fuel economy on the starting engine operation/stop moment is reached. In addition accumulated electric power is used for functioning of devices like the air conditioner and entertaining system.

Actually, engine ActiveHybrid Concept – bi-turbo 4.4-litre V8 with which models 750i and X6 xDrive50i also are completed. The motor develops 407 h.p. of power at the peak moment of 600 Nanometers. Concept with the additional electromotor the seventh series with a standard internal combustion engine spends for 15 % of less fuel, rather than.

Concern BMW is intended in 2009 to start in manufacture a minimum two models with technology ActiveHybrid.

Lexus IS new model – Cabrio

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Some days prior to motor show start in Paris in “world wide web” there were first official pictures and details of new coupe-cabriolet Lexus IS 250 C which is the first-born in family IS with folding top.

The design of a two-plus-two as a whole is cast by image of sedan Lexus IS that is quite explainable. However, according to officials of the company, the rear of the car which nowadays suspiciously reminds similar fragment BMW 1-series Convertible, and general lines with a sedan at new cabriolet IS 250 C has been completely altered remains only anything – a cowl, front flashlights, door handles and mirrors.

As to a modular superficial roof it consists of three parts executed from aluminium. Time of assembly and dismantle of top of the car will make only 20 seconds

Changes in an interior practically has not occurred, short of the scheme of four-seater seating and a vanity mirror slightly modernised for improvement of the review, informs site Carscoop.

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport waiting for 100 buyers

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Bugatti in August of this year on auto show Pebble Beach Concourse d’Elegance has presented to the automobile public the special magnificent version of model Veyron – 16.4 Grand Sport.

About that cost Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport will exceed the price list on the serial version a superpenalty, did not cause doubts, but the motor-car manufacturer has held back what sum should be laid out to the potential buyer for this model. Now in the company were defined with car cost. Bugatti suggests to get model Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport which sales start in March of the next year, for $2 million Having let out only 150 cars, 50 from them will be sold to current owners of other models of Bugatti.

2008 Volkswagen Golf GTI VI

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In a global network there were first images Volkswagen Golf GTI of the sixth generation which will be presented in the beginning of October on the international motor show in Paris.

Sales Volkswagen Golf GTI will begin not earlier than spring of next year, therefore on the Parisian motor show German concern, most likely, will present the concept car which, possibly, will differ not too from the serial version.

The new, sixth generation, Golf GTI, at first sight, has much the general with concept GTI (more…)

BMW is working on a new compact city car

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The management of the Bavarian autoconcern has publicly confirmed the information that in the company working out “mega-city car” is conducted, equipped with the traditional, supereconomic power unit which will work together with the electric motor.

As the head of German concern BMW Norbert Rajthofer has declared in interview to newspaper German Die Zeit (Norbert Reithofer), it will be “the car with absolutely new design”, intended for specific conditions of megacities.

Hybrid compact car from BMW will appear in the market not earlier than 2015.

Meanwhile, scarcity of the information leaves a wide field for every possible forecasts. So, there is opened a question, whether will equip the future car with the parallel hybrid installation similar to those that has Chevrolet Volt, or is simple two separate engines as in recently announced electric Smart ForTwo from Daimler AG, writes Autoua. It is quite probable, that the revival minipenalty BMW Isetta making a part of the program “Project i” within the limits of declared before cooperation between a German motor-car manufacturer and Italian concern Fiat is meant.

Release of the small car with a hybrid drive gear only for inhabitants of large cities would help to avoid the superfluous problems, repenting image of the company as manufacturer of cars of a premium-class, and simultaneously to involve new buyers for whom it is equally important both luxury, and ecological compatibility of model.

Let’s remind, that two months ago the head of the company already told about company plans on working out of new hybrid units.

Mercedes-Benz CLR Cabriolet

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The German motorcar giant of a Mercedes-Benz prepares new four-seater model with opened astride base С-Class. Two door car will receive identification mark CLR and will be equipped by classical folding top to keep the price for a cabriolet in comprehensible borders.

In spite of the fact that any official statements it is not made yet, the new cabriolet as pictures testify, is as like as two peas similar to a sedan. It concerns both an interior, and car technical characteristics.

From engines three diesel engines – four-cylinder CDI with powers in 170 h.p. or 204 h.p., and also 3.0 l 272-strong “cursor” V6 are accessible, informs MotorAuthority. Admirers of petrol power units will be content either 170-strong, or 220-strong 3.0 l with engine V6, or 272 – 306-strong 3.5 l the unit combined with transmission 7G-Tronic. AMG the version is equipped well-known 6.2 l with engine V8.

Release of new cabriolet Mercedes CLR is planned for 2010, and its estimated cost will make an order €35 thousand

Info on Chevrolet Orlando 2008

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One of these days Chevrolet has presented the first details new concept car Orlando which official debut will take place on a motor show in Paris in October, 2008.

Orlando is family wagon which distinctive features it is possible to name sports design and nice enough interface.

Under messages of site Leftlanenews, the novelty will be made on the basis of Delta2 recently presented compact sedan Chevrolet Cruze and the penalty, and family will incorporate versatile attributes both sports. Thus Orlando will add in dimensions and becomes the owner of more cool functions, than Cruze.

Under a car cowl 2.0 l a 150-strong turbodiesel of last generation developing a twisting moment in 320 Nanometers that does the power unit both powerful, and economic will compactly take places.

New 2009 Lexus IS – Facelifting

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The present generation of sedan Lexus IS, whose sales have begun in 2005, thanking the politician of the company – to “freshen” models each 3-4 years – will find some new strokes in model of the sample of 2009 which will concern external and internal design, and also car suspension brackets.

Ex-terrier will change recently developed 17-mm and 18-mm disks, the forward and back bumpers, the modified lattice of a radiator and lateral mirrors with the built in rotary signals.

Changes in a car interior will mention only central console and collapsible headrests of back armchairs.

BMW M3 CSL – the dream is now reality

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In July of this year in a press there was an information on working out of model BMW M3 CSL (Coupe Sport Lightweight) which unlike usual version M3 will be intended for driving on tracks. But the management of the Bavarian concern declared, that does not plan car release.

It was expected, that easy BMW M3 CSL will receive the powerful 470-strong motor, radio, the conditioner will lose navigation. The new engine would be capable to disperse the car to “hundred” all for 4,5 sec, and the maximum speed would make 300 km/hour. But the car and remains only dream of admirers of model. (more…)

Finally Chevrolet Camaro Cabrio

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Having acquainted world community with model Camaro, management Chevrolet declared, that the version will join a coupe in the future a sport penalty with open top also.

It was originally supposed, that cabriolet Chevrolet Camaro will take up the conveyor in December of the next year, but, car assembly is postponed for half a year, writes edition Leftlanenews.

Now to fans to sweep with “breeze” it is necessary to wait for the open version a sport penalty, at least, to the midpoint of 2010. The reasons which have induced GM to transfer terms of assembly of a cabriolet, are not specified. Still there is inaccessible an information on what engines will complete a cabriolet.

Honda testing new hybrid car

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Management of Honda has declared, that by next year the Japanese concern will present in the world market at once three new hybrid models, one of which has got to the paparazzi on tests in the North America.

With a hybrid power-plant engineers Honda spent tests of the car in desert, hoping, that nobody will prevent them. However, some pictures of a five-door hatchback which are outwardly rather similar to model FCX Clarity, became accessible to motorists. (more…)