Lexus IS new model – Cabrio

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Some days prior to motor show start in Paris in “world wide web” there were first official pictures and details of new coupe-cabriolet Lexus IS 250 C which is the first-born in family IS with folding top.

The design of a two-plus-two as a whole is cast by image of sedan Lexus IS that is quite explainable. However, according to officials of the company, the rear of the car which nowadays suspiciously reminds similar fragment BMW 1-series Convertible, and general lines with a sedan at new cabriolet IS 250 C has been completely altered remains only anything – a cowl, front flashlights, door handles and mirrors.

As to a modular superficial roof it consists of three parts executed from aluminium. Time of assembly and dismantle of top of the car will make only 20 seconds

Changes in an interior practically has not occurred, short of the scheme of four-seater seating and a vanity mirror slightly modernised for improvement of the review, informs site Carscoop.