Most Expensive Cars List From Forbes

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Magazine Forbes known for the various ratings, covering, apparently, all spheres of business or a public life, has paid attention to super elite of world automotive industry, naming “hot to ten” the most expensive models which if will be accessible next year. Those models have got to a rating only, whose cost exceeds 100 000 dollars which have been let out by a known world brand, and the quantity of cars of the given model let out in year should not exceed 50 cars. Sport penalties are excluded from a rating such marks, as Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Bugatti that they associate first of all with races.

On the tenth place has settled down Jaguar XJL Supersport in cost of 115 000 dollars. “British” is equipped by 500-strong motor V8 with which dispersal to 100 km/h is possible for 4,7 seconds.

On the ninth place – Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S. This Italian of superpenalties has received under a cowl “eight” power of 440 h.p. To “hundred” is dispersed for 5,1 seconds. The car possesses unique system of distribution of weight, for what the small bias to a rear answers. Its cost of 125 000 dollars.

On the eighth place – German Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet, on sale at the price of 145 000 dollars. Its engine develops 500 h.p., to 100 km/h it is dispersed for 3,5 seconds. Thus, under the statement of Germans, at the car low enough fuel consumption, informs Newsru.

Further follows Mercedes-Benz CL 65 AMG, the assembled manually and standing 210 000 dollars assembled manually. Tuners from studio AMG have installed on it motor V12 power of 604 h.p. Dispersal to 100 km/h – 4,2 seconds.

Behind it in rating Forbes goes representation Rolls-Royce Ghost MSRP. It is equipped by engine V12 with power of 563 h.p., and dispersal to 100 km/h at it occupies almost 5 seconds. The car interior is finished by a skin and expensive tree. Sitting are equipped by massage function, there is a refrigerator with the internal illumination, the built in glasses for champagne and a folding little table. The car is made to order and there are 245 000 dollars.

The five of the most expensive models 2010 is opened by the most powerful and fast of all cars of English mark Bentley – Continental Supersports in cost of 275 000 dollars. Under its cowl there is an engine with 12 cylinders power of 621 h.p. To “hundred” it is dispersed for 3,7 seconds. The motor can work both on gasoline, and on bioethanol E85.

The fourth place gets to flagman sedan Bentley Mulsanne. As recently it was informed, the car prepares on 50 % manually, on manufacturing of one model 2 months leave. It is equipped by 6,75-litre motor V8 power of 505 h.p. and 8-speed “automatic machine”.

This limousine – an exception in a rating as the price for it is not declared yet, the car will appear only by 2012, and its premiere will take place in January of the next year within the limits of the Detroit motor show.

Rating “bronze” receives Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. Its price has passed for a mark in 300 000 dollars and has made $310 thousand Engine V12, 620 h.p. Are dispersed to 100 km/h it for 3,7 seconds.

The second line occupies Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. Under its cowl there is a 12-cylinder engine power of 453 h.p. with which 100 km/h can be reached for 5,7 seconds. Cost of this car – 445 000 dollars.

The leader of a rating becomes Maybach 62S MSRP for which it is necessary to lay out 450 000 dollars. Power of its motor – 604 h.p., to “hundred” it is dispersed for 5,2 seconds. The interior is equipped by inclined rear armchairs with supports for feet, a sliding little table, DVD and other similar equipment.