BMW is working on a new compact city car

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The management of the Bavarian autoconcern has publicly confirmed the information that in the company working out “mega-city car” is conducted, equipped with the traditional, supereconomic power unit which will work together with the electric motor.

As the head of German concern BMW Norbert Rajthofer has declared in interview to newspaper German Die Zeit (Norbert Reithofer), it will be “the car with absolutely new design”, intended for specific conditions of megacities.

Hybrid compact car from BMW will appear in the market not earlier than 2015.

Meanwhile, scarcity of the information leaves a wide field for every possible forecasts. So, there is opened a question, whether will equip the future car with the parallel hybrid installation similar to those that has Chevrolet Volt, or is simple two separate engines as in recently announced electric Smart ForTwo from Daimler AG, writes Autoua. It is quite probable, that the revival minipenalty BMW Isetta making a part of the program “Project i” within the limits of declared before cooperation between a German motor-car manufacturer and Italian concern Fiat is meant.

Release of the small car with a hybrid drive gear only for inhabitants of large cities would help to avoid the superfluous problems, repenting image of the company as manufacturer of cars of a premium-class, and simultaneously to involve new buyers for whom it is equally important both luxury, and ecological compatibility of model.

Let’s remind, that two months ago the head of the company already told about company plans on working out of new hybrid units.