New ActiveHybrid BMW 7 series presented in Paris

Category: Hot Car News

On the Parisian motor show to attention of public has been presented new hybrid concept BMW on the basis of 7th series.

Feature ActiveHybrid Concept consists that at it in transmission knot the small electromotor by power of 20 h.p. (210 Nanometers) which replaces the generator and a starter is integrated. Electric energy developed by it remains in the litievo-ion battery located in a luggage compartment.

In such “soft” hybrid variant fuel economy on the starting engine operation/stop moment is reached. In addition accumulated electric power is used for functioning of devices like the air conditioner and entertaining system.

Actually, engine ActiveHybrid Concept – bi-turbo 4.4-litre V8 with which models 750i and X6 xDrive50i also are completed. The motor develops 407 h.p. of power at the peak moment of 600 Nanometers. Concept with the additional electromotor the seventh series with a standard internal combustion engine spends for 15 % of less fuel, rather than.

Concern BMW is intended in 2009 to start in manufacture a minimum two models with technology ActiveHybrid.