Wiesmann Roadster MF5

Category: Sports Cars

The Frankfurt motor show has assembled the whole galaxy unique sport cars against which, thanks to the characteristics and design, the special place was occupied with a roadster of car manufacture of company Wiesmann.

Company Wiesmann has presented Roadster MF5 – rear-drive the car with design in style of a retro. The car will be let out by the limited edition and only 55 cars will be made.

Each car, body and which roof will paint in various colours, will equip with the engine similar to volume that is installed on model BMW M6. Under a cowl of the open car “ten” in volume of 5 l which develops 507 h.p. and 520 Nanometers of a twisting moment will settle down V-shaped. Powers of the motor suffice to disperse a roadster to first “hundred” for 3,9 sec, and the maximum speed of the car reaches 309 km/hour.

And now about cost of this hot car. The car price makes €189,500, and such sum, considering a situation with proceeding financial crisis, the real judges of automobile art can pay only.