Auction for first Dodge Viper SRT

Category: Hot Car News

In California at auction Barrett-Jackson the first serial car of coupe SRT Viper — the successor of Dodge Viper was sold by auction.

For the right to become the owner of two-door model SRT Viper to the collector, whose name is not specified, it was necessary to lay out $300 000. Organizers of auction Barrett-Jackson obtained from sale of the car of means transferred into account fund Austin Hatcher which helps children.

SRT Viper debuted in April on the international showroom in New York. The model with carbon a body is set in motion by the aluminum 8.4-litre petrol motor developing 640 h.p. and 814 Nanometers of a twisting moment. Pull-rod goes on rear wheels through a six-step mechanical gear box. Dynamic characteristics of the new Viper and data on average fuel consumption by a manufacturer are not specified till now.