BMW M3 CSL – the dream is now reality

Category: Sports Cars

In July of this year in a press there was an information on working out of model BMW M3 CSL (Coupe Sport Lightweight) which unlike usual version M3 will be intended for driving on tracks. But the management of the Bavarian concern declared, that does not plan car release.

It was expected, that easy BMW M3 CSL will receive the powerful 470-strong motor, radio, the conditioner will lose navigation. The new engine would be capable to disperse the car to “hundred” all for 4,5 sec, and the maximum speed would make 300 km/hour. But the car and remains only dream of admirers of model. The head of branch M Division Ludwig Uillish has declared, that the concern does not plan manufacture of the similar car, having explained it that the project under the name “BMW M3 CSL” is considered unprofitable as incomes of realisation of model will not block an expense for its manufacture.

Earlier it was informed, that all on the market there are 100 copies BMW M3 CSL, and the price of any of them will make $143 thousand